Bulk Purchases

Dale Family Farms sells beef, pork, and occasionally, goat in bulk quantities.  Because we realize this is a big investment, we like to walk our customers through this process to make sure they are more than satisfied with their purchase.


Bulk beef, quarters, halves and wholes are available April through October.

Bulk pork, halves and wholes, are available about 6-8 times throughout the year.


There are three components to the cost of a bulk purchase:
*the cost of the animal, 
*the cost of the processing and 
*the freight to get the animal to the processor.


Our current price on beef depends on the quantity ordered; $3.25/pound on the hanging weight for a quarter, $3.15/pound for a half and $3.05 for a whole beef. 

The processing costs average about $125/quarter beef depending on your cutting instructions and the size of the animal.

Freight is $100 per beef or $25/quarter. 

Here is an example of estimated costs for a 700 pound beef carcass.  All weights and prices are approximate and for example purposes only. 

A quarter (175# hanging weight):
175 x $3.25/# + $125 est. processing + $25 freight = $718.75

A half (350# hanging weight):
350 x $3.15/# + $250 est. processing + $50 freight = $1402.50

A whole (700# hanging weight):
700 x $3.05/# + $500 est. processing + $100 freight = $2735

Our current price on pork is $2.50/pound hanging weight. 

The processing costs average about $125/half depending on your cutting instructions and the size of the hog.

Freight is $50 per hog or $25/half. 

Here is an example of estimated costs for a 190 pound carcass. All weights and prices are approximate and for example purposes only. 

A half (95# hanging weight):
95 x $2.50/# + $125 est. processing + $25 freight = $387.50

A whole (190# hanging weight):
190 x $2.50/# + $250 est. processing + $100 freight = $775.00

Delivery calendar

Here's the usual protocol for making a bulk purchase.

Contact Dale Family Farms and let us know what you're intrested in reserving.  We'll check our processing schedule and record your reservation.

2.  Send in your deposit - $25/beef quarter or $25/half hog.  

3.  We will contact you a week or two before animals are supposed to go to the processor to confirm your purchase. I'll also confirm contact information for the processor and gather some other information.

4.  Cattle and/or hogs will go to town and 1-2 days later, we'll get the hanging weights on the animals.

5.  I'll use these hanging weights to figure invoices and send those out - our preferred method is email but we can go old school and use the US postal service if you prefer.

6.  Our invoice will include the cost of the animal and the freight.  Once invoices are sent out, we like to receive our payment in 10-14 days - this is a key piece of our cash flow equation and we appreciate prompt payment.  You can either use the secure on-line pay button on your invoice or send us a check.

7.  About 4-5 weeks after your animal goes to the processor, your meat will be ready!  At this time, you'll pay the processor for their services.

8.  You pick your meat up from Krehbiels , in McPherson, or we'll help make arrangements to get your meat to you.

More questions about bulk beef and pork purchases, check out our FAQs pages.
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