Grass Finished Beef

What makes Dale Family Farms beef different?

Our cattle eat a variety of forages grown on healthy, mineral rich soil.  This diversity in diet creates a tender, grass finished beef with a rich, full flavor which is perfect for providing healthy meals for your family.

Our beef comes from animals that are finished on a strict forage diet. That diet comes from a combination of grasses from our native range and mixed species planted and grazed on our farm ground. We then use the cattle, instead of machinery, in a rotational grazing system to harvest these grasses and crops. One of our goals in using cattle in this type of grazing system is to continually improve the health of our soil.

The micro-organisms in our soil is one of our most important resources and the better job we do of taking care of them, the healthier our land, our cattle and the people we feed will be.

The beef we sell contains no synthetic growth hormones and no antibiotics.

Interested in learning more about our grazing system?  Contact Kurt  - he LOVES to talk about this stuff.

Why the distinction between grass fed and grass finished?

Most cattle are on grass pasture for a good portion of their lives. We choose to finish our cattle on grass instead of putting them on grain for the last 90-150 days. The last day cattle are on pasture/forage is the day before they go to town.

Cattle, which are ruminants, are not designed to eat grain. A diet heavy in grains can give them digestive problems and also lowers the amount of Omega-3s in the meat they produce.

Grass is good for the cattle and good for us.
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