Our Online Store

Kurt and I are excited to finally be able to offer our customers an online ordering option. We've looked for 3-4 years to find something that works with what we're doing on the farm and how we serve our customers.  We FINALLY found it! I think you're going to love GrazeCart as much as we do.

Let me walk you through the steps to placing an order, and feel free to ask questions. 

1. Create an account - you'll get a $5 credit just for signing up!

2.Choose a delivery location.  Find the route that's best suited to you. The delivery schedule is listed - find your town or the closest one to you and pick that route.

3. Go shopping! Put the items in the cart that you'd like to order. Your total will be ESTIMATED based on an average weight per package.

4. Check out. Follow the directions for checking out. Again, to make the system fit with our setup and the Kansas Department of Revenue, we've had to estimate delivery fees and sales tax in this step.

5. We'll be notified that an order has been placed.

6. We'll pull your order then update the order with the exact weights, delivery fee, and sales tax.  Then, we'll send you an invoice along with confirmation of the delivery date and time.

7. Payment - you can either pay online when you get your invoice or wait until pickup where we can accept cash, check or debit/credit card.
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