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Tips & Tastes Parties

Kurt and I really enjoy visiting with and connecting with each of our customers.  To better do that, we like to host Tips and Tastes parties – Kurt calls these Tupperware parties with meat.  You and your friends/family get to taste a variety of Dale Family Farms meats and we will share some of our favorite, simple recipes you can use to feed yourself and your families amazing, healthy pasture based meats.

Interested in hosting a Tips and Tastes party either at your house or here on the farm at The Shop?

We ask our hosts to do the following:

*Help us put together a guest list of 5-10 people/families that are interested in learning more about healthy, pasture based meats, where their meats come from, and what we do here on the farm.

*Provide beverages and table service for the evening.

*Provide a carb and/or vegetable to make it look like we've balanced the meal out a bit.

What we will do:

*Provide several types of prepared meats for you and your guests to sample - some we'll do at home but we always like to grill a steak or two on site.

*Give a short presentation about what we do and why we think pasture based meats are such a great option.  We'll also do a Q&A to answer any questions y'all might have.

As a way to thank you for your hospitality, we'll give you a discount of 5% on your next order just for hosting.  In addition, if there are:
        *$500-1000 in sales, you'll earn 7% off your          next order.
        *$1001-1500, an additional 2% off your                order or 9% total
       *over $1500, another 2% off your next                 order, or 11% total

AND You get to keep any leftovers you'd like!
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