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Wedding Registry

Get to know Kurt and Andi well at all and you’ll quickly learn, they have a pretty non-conventional way of approaching many things – that goes for gifts and weddings as well. After much conversation, the decision was made to offer a wedding registry. Many couples today already have household goods. The wedding registry allows couples to fill their freezer and get off on the right foot with a freezer full of healthy meats.

1. Register with Dale Family Farms. 
Choose what you want to register for – individual cuts of beef, pork and chicken, OR our M.O.M.           subscription plan.  Let us know you're interested and we'll get you our registry form.
2.  We record your information in a spreadsheet.
We’re not quite as techie as J.C. Penney or Target but we’re super friendly and pay great attention to details!
3.  Tell your friends and family that you’ve registered with us. 
We’ll give you a stack of business cards to help spread the word.
4.  Friends and family contact us to place an order.
Gifters can contact us by phone or email.  We will share your spreadsheet with them.  They can    choose what they’d like to order.  We’ll invoice them directly by email or mail and they can send us payment either by check or debit/credit card.  We’ll set your meat aside in a special spot just for you in our walk-in freezer.
5.  We send you a card. 
Each time someone purchases something off your registry, we’ll send a card to you with their names and what they purchased.  This will help you later on with thank you notes.
6.  We deliver your meat to you.
Within 30 days of your wedding, we’ll make arrangements to get your meat to you.  If you registered for our subscription plan, we’ll begin delivering that first month post-wedding.
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